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Inspired by BiC

This collection drew inspiration from the stationery, lighter and shaver leader which was heavy on color, playfulness and imagination.

The collection includes 23 pieces which feature some of BIC’s most iconic products including the Cristal Pen and Crayons. It also includes pieces inspired by the color and texture of the signature ink of BIC as well as the iconic orange outfit of the boy in BIC’s iconic logo.

When developing the collection, Zaid asked his grandparents and family members to write letters to him, imparting some of their wisdom to help during these troubling times. Words and messages from these letters were then carried into the fashion pieces as Zaid shares them with the world. The BIC inspired collection also features a set of colorful and retro inspired accessories, with fluorescent chains, spike orange and blue earrings and traditional hats, “tarboosh”, with a twist of color and creativity.

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