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Due to my fascination with everything fashion and my belief that one's choice in clothing is the perfect medium for expressing one's self, I have always known that I would pursue a career in this industry. It was not until I graduated from The American University in Washing- ton DC with my undergraduate degree in business administration, marketing and studio art that I was able decided to unleash my creativity and turn my passion into a career. I moved to Milano and attended Istituto Marangoni and received my diploma in fashion design. My formal education and training has been expansive, I purposefully aimed to gain diverse experience in numerous fields. My undergraduate degree was focused on business adminis- tration, marketing and studio art. I also hold a diploma in fashion design from Istituto Maran- goni – Milano and attended Central Saint Martin and took specialized courses concentrated in couture techniques, embroidery and fabric painting. Having said that, I believe having such a rock-solid educational backgrounds from numerous highly ranked institutions makes any professional experience more meaningful and ones I can creatively build on.

I am a creator by nature. Since all of my wearable art dresses are hand painted by myself, they are first and foremost pieces of wearable art, comparable to a masterpiece hanging in your dining room. Every step in the production process from the choice of fabric to embroidery of intricate details beckon memories of prized intricate marble sculptures. The one-of pieces are unique and once a lady's night at the gala or wedding of the season is over, the dress is placed on a mannequin and displayed for her guests to admire.

My creations are not limited to just being painted but also include wearable sculptures and light installations. Through the embodiment of my vision and the constant pursue of creat- ing wearable sculptures as well, I have managed to create a fabric entirely made out of paint. I also 3D print the crowns seen in my look-book. The crowns are sculptures that can be placed anywhere in the home but can be worn when needed. As the crowns were a play on my middle name “Taji” which literally means "my crown" in Arabic.

Considering how to present our collections as an artist and the creative designer for the brand I have decided that we will not abide by the fashion system of showing months before the collection is ready in the atelier, or even the necessity to have a 6 month interval between each collection. As my creations will have pieces that will go with the season it will be presented in. As an artist that uses fashion as his medium the emergence of a new theme for my creations will appear once I feel that I have presented everything that I have. And a new distinct theme and circumstance have taken over my conscience and it becomes what I notice every minute of every hour of every day.

Inspired by Claude Monet’s fascination with Water Lilies and painting over 250 oil paintings of them until his death. I knew I had to follow his art of obsession. I Imagine my creations with every breath and living moment, I envision my woman in her surrounding moving to the sound of her own drums. Then one day my eyes encouter a beautiful subject across a pond, allowing me to forget the past and move forward wandering and studying her art of seduction, it’s features, and its ever growing beauty in my eyes and therefore a new muse and theme arise.

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