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Keffiyeh Motif Cushion



Introducing our Keffiyeh Motif Cushion, a stunning homage to tradition and culture in every thread. This cushion is made from a black cotton-velvet and detailed with an embroidered ‘كوفية’ — Keffiyeh motif and a “From The River To The Sea” motif — an aspirational call for freedom, human rights, and peaceful coexistence. Mix and match it with the Oriental Motif Cushion or the SHARQI Poem Cushion.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, both motifs are first hand-embroidered and then carefully stitched onto the cushion cover. The oriental motif is meticulously outlined and accentuated with striking bold black lines. It is then adorned with the intricate design of the keffiyeh. The "From The River To The Sea" motif incorporates the vibrant colors of the Palestinian flag: green, red, and black, set against a pristine white backdrop creating a striking motif that resonates with depth and meaning.

The symbolic significance of the keffiyeh motif, with its deep-rooted associations of solidarity and resilience, lends an air of authenticity and pride to any room.

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