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Poetic Ode Cushion



This embroidered cushion is a poetic ode to the timeless themes of friendship, love, and life, rendered in the graceful strokes of Arabic calligraphy. This cushion is made from burgundy cotton-velvet and detailed with embroidered writing motifs which are first hand-embroidered and then carefully stitched onto the cushion cover.

Imagine a cushion that serves as a canvas for a poetic expression, reminiscent of bits of torn white paper adorned with handwritten messages in blue ink. This cushion features Arabic calligraphy delicately embroidered in the style of scribbled notes, capturing the raw authenticity of personal reflections and intimate thoughts. Each stitch mimics the spontaneous flow of pen on paper, creating an aura of spontaneity and depth. Amidst the seemingly random arrangement, the words convey profound sentiments of longing, hope, and resilience, inviting the viewer to unravel the mysteries within. Placed in any space, this cushion not only adds a touch of artistic flair but also sparks contemplation and conversation, making it a captivating addition to any home.


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